A clip hanging on the rope in the balcony
Boy posing on the boat
Model posing with stick
A dragonfly sitting on a rope
Red rope on wood
A rope roll
Dog tied with rope
Boat in the river
Pulling water from river with bucket
Sewing machine wheel
Stylish boy posing on the tyre swing
Boy posing on the tyre swing
Model posing on the tyre swing
Cat on the wood log
Clothes on a rope
Knot of fencing wire
Boy sitting on the boat and posing
A cloth clip
A boat tied to shore
Little boy in a sphere
Ox in the farm
An eagle sitting on tire
An eagle sitting on tire
A fishing boat tied to shore
Plant in tea cup
Baby calf on the ground
An eagle sitting on tyre
Boat parked near sea
Suspension Bridge
Ox in farm
Boy posing on hanging bridge
hanging bridge over the river
Worker working in sawmill
Beer bottles hanging with ropes
Cow under the tin shade
Monkey sitting on the roof
Cow feeding calf
Ox in the farm