A man giving flowers to his woman.
Man expression after getting declined by girl
Shocked girl taking a selfie
Shocked employee with money
Shocked young professional
Shocked Colleagues
A shocked businessman
Shocked businesswoman
Shocked businessman
Shocked young professional
A shocked businessman
Boy Asking Question
Woman with surprised reaction
Shocked Expression
Shocked expression of a boy
Shocked girl pointing hands
Shocked Indian girl
Shocked and excited Indian girl
Overwhelmed Indian girl
Shocked indian girl
Shocked indian girl with colorful umbrella
Amazed girl pointing finger
Shocked Indian girl
Hand on face of indian girl
Excited indian girl
Indian girl afraid
Amazed Indian girl
Indian young girl looking up
Shocked young woman looking at the phone and one hand on face
Shocked girl with umbrella
Surprised girl reading a book
Shocked Indian Girl on Blue Background
Indian girl pointing finger sideways
Indian girl posing
Shocked indian girl
Noticing time on a wrist watch
Lady in yellow dress thoughtful
Indian lady outraged