A man on a beach
A person sitting on river bank
Sea view
Sea view
Wild buffalo at a river bank
Shoreline stones near a lake
A rhino grazing near a lake
Boats at a riverbank
A wooden chair near a lake
A beach
Island in the sea
Beach view
A boat tied to shore
Tourists at Sukhna lake shore
A polluted water resource
A seashore
Boats sailing in the sea
A river
Wrist watch
People on beach
Waste in pond
Waste in pond
Waste in pond
Waste in water
Boats at seashore
Pilgrims visiting river
Waste in lake
Beach view
Natural landscape
Landscape of a ocean with the bottle
Plastic waste near a water resource
A couple at near a water resource
Boat at beach
Garbage dumped at a lake shore
A boat tied to shore
Plastic foils near a water resource