Farm landscape
Couple posing on the bike
Couples posing on car
Grapes Fruit against the sky
Mussoorie hill station
Clouds over Mussoorie mountains
Road in the hills
Natural landscape
Hut in the farm
Mountains landscape
A light pole
Building in the night
Half moon through the trees
Hills under the cloudy sky
Hills landscape
Hills under the cloudy sky
Prayer flags under cloudy sky
Bird sitting on the cable
Cat on the wood plank
Mountains landscape
Pond in the forest
Building at roadside
Building against the sky
Temple under clouds
Sky and a plant
Boy posing on the beach
A cat sitting on wood
A leaf in hand
Moon in sky
Elephant statues
Wedding couple posing
Natural landscape
Boy posing near the sea
Boy and his reflection
River in the forest
Airplane over Qutub Minar Monument