Cat in snow
Dog in the snow
Dog in the snow
A frozen lake
Snowy mountains and lake
Snow trapped in rocky hills
Snowy water stream
Flowers on plant in snow
Dog in snow
Snowy mountains of Manali
Snowy mountains landscape
Portrait of a white fox
Dog and cat in snow
Mountain covered with snow
A dog and cat together
Kedarkantha Trek
Portrait of a boy in snowy hill
Snow mountains
Kedarkantha Trek
Paragliding in hilly area
Snow mountain landscape
An umbrella falling
Snow mountains landscape
Yak in snow
Snowy mountains landscape
Snowy mountains under clouds
Snow in the forest
Snow over trees
Snow over the trees
Moon and snowy mountains
Mountains landscape
Snowy Mountain landscape
Mountains scenery
Frozen plant stems
Frozen grass
Frozen rock in the river
Mountains scenery