A grass species
Turmeric in the spoon
Red chilies with smoke
Little ingredient on wall
Lots of ingredient in pan
Oregano box
Chloris virgata grass species
A beautiful and colourful bird
A crow in the grass
An insect climbing a plant
A sparrow sitting on a pole
A bird sitting on a branch
A pair of insects
A sparrow sitting on a wall
A housefly sitting on a plant
a tiny bird sitting on a wire
A frog sitting still in a pond
A worm on a leaf.
A flock of birds enjoying.
a duck swimming in a lake
close up of an insect
A squirrel playing in the grass
Canvasback Duck
A housefly sitting on railing
Large Skipper on Focus
Pigeon's Head on Close-up
Common Stonechat Bird
Siberian stonechat Bird on Focus
Tricoloured munia
Female Sambar Deer
White-cheeked Barbet
Western Yellow wagtail bird
Flower garden
Red flower bloosom