Boy posing on street
Girl with dog
Boy posing Road side
Highway with the tall trees
A flower seller in a street
Huge clock tower
Kids bicycles on street
Boy posing in street light on road
Model posing on street
Puppy on the street
Puppy eating biscuit
Boy posing in a tunnel
A hen
An Old guy selling leather shoes
Old man on street
food truck on road
A guy selling kachoris on street
Kids selling balloons on road
Sunset view through street light
Guy holding crop in sunlight
sun rays on a road
sunset and silhouettes
Boy posing
road and trees
dry leaf
A hawker in a street
path among trees
Boy giving pose with headphone
Kid posing on street
Place for work
Tourists visiting Gumbaz-e-Shahi
vegetable vendor
A street vendor
St. Philomena’s Cathedral
A girl walking along a painted wall
Carnival View
Old man drinking tea
toy car
Leading lines