Apple and banana illustration
Watermelon slices and juice
An orange juice glass
Fresh vegetables
Plucking, edible leaves of a plant
Fresh vegetables in a shop
Vegetables in a shop
Vegetable stew in a bowl
Vegetable stew in a bowl
Kiwi fruits in a plate
Lima beans in a plate
capsicum and carrots
Fresh green lima beans in a plate
Fresh Cut vegetables
Vegetables in a basket
Fresh reddish in hand
Playing with vegetable
grains in a bowl
girl showing raw fresh vegetables
girl eating raddish
almonds in a glass
A girl with apple
A vegan girl
girl posing with raddish
A girl eating garlish
almonds falling from a glass
Healthy sprouts on a plate
Green Brinjal
Strawberries on its plant
Fresh and washed tomatoes
An apple and pears
Washed fruits in a basket
Food on a plate
Go Vegan
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