A tea stall
A street food seller
Gooseberry snacks for sale at local shops
vegetable vendor
A boy selling fruits on a cart
fruit seller with his cart
People purchasing clay pots in a market
tea vendor
vegetable seller
balloon seller with balloons
banana vendor
vegetables seller
cotton candy seller
A street food seller
A roadside shop of toys
A street vendor selling snacks
A street vendor
vendors on a street
flower seller stall
Women selling utensil in a market
blanket sellers on the road side
toy seller
street chaat stall
Man selling coconuts
A vegetable vendor
fruit seller
toy dolls on a cart
coffee vendor
street food seller
A lady selling fruits on the street
Vegetable Vendor
Two Indian Women Walking Towards the Alley
Street vendor selling beverage
Street food
Candy floss Sellers
Street Vendor on the Roll
Shopkeeper watching over his merchandise
Street Vendor near a Park
A roadside vendor
Market Laborer Carrying Sack