A village woman
A boy in a green field
A village couple traveling on oxcart
A poor oldman
A village man driving a bike
Deer in the field
Black and White landscape of a old women
A village kid near a lake
Rain in the village
A woman with her baby
A village on mountain
Tree in rainy season
Farmers and cattle in a field
A baby in a field
Lady farmers
A boy
Hut in the middle of a terrain
Greenery of fields
Water filled in paddy field
A village kids sitting on grass
A wooden cart in a village
A water way in fields
Roof tiles
Farmers working in a muddy field
A girl going to her school
A man with his buffaloes
Farmers working in a muddy field
A village kid
A kid playing with water
Buffaloes grazing in a village
A barrier made with stones in a village
Agriculture field
A boy sitting in grass
Village view from mountain
Mountain village, Paro, Bhutan
Little girl on autorickshaw
Huts in village
A hen
Girl in the river
Water tank in a village