A village temple
Tree, hill and houses
A village woman carrying animal fodder
Oxen grazing in a field
Agriculture land and a tree
Woman with basket on her back
Woman with basket on her back
Village street
Greenery of paddy fields
Women working in a paddy field
A farmer in a paddy field
Farmers in field
A little girl
Ancient bridge of village
Papaya tree under a big tree
Farmers harvesting their crops
A village house
An evening of a villge
A man near river cleaning pots
Door of a village house
A farmer near his fields
Greenery of a village
A village house
A skilled woman
Female farmers working in a field
Fields of Pathanamthitta village
Trees and a road to a village
A village boy playing with bicycle tire
Step Cultivation on hills
A village
A village woman
A village child playing with a tire
A little girl
A farmer
A village family working in a field
A pet cat near clay stove
A lady farmer
A kid