Rain drops falling on a camera lens
Duck in wet field
A water drop on a matchstick
Wet leaves of a rose plant
Dew on plant leaf
Nettle on wet rock
Wet plant leaves
Wet plant leaves
Dew on plant leaf
Wet plant leaves
Dew on grass in farm
Wet rock stones near a pond
Dried twig on land
Waves in a beach
Rain droplets on rose
Boy standing on the side of beach
soda bottle
A girl playing with water gun on Holi
water drops on spider web
Flower in Wet Sand on Focus
Amargarh Waterfall in India
Wet Apple on Focus
Water droplet in Leaf on Focus
Red Flowers on Focus
Tomato in the Table on Focus
Highway scene
Clouded yellows Butterfly in the Ground on Focus
Water Drop on Leaf on Focus
Pouring Hand on Focus
A Boy Playing on the Beach
Apple in a Basket on Focus
Asian Openbill Stork Hunting for Food
Wet Frangipani Flower on Focus
Water droplets in the Steel Grills on Focus
Yellow Flower on Focus
Wet Plant Leaves on Focus
Athirappilly Water Falls
Pebble Stone Balancing
Rock Beach on Focus