Small plant in hand
Boys playing with snow
Sunset in snow
Sunrise in winter
Aquatic plants
Clouds over mountains
Winter fog near a building
A snowy valley
Mountain view
A village children
A boy enjoying snow fall
Frozen Lake
Winter morning in Ladakh
A boy enjoying the nature
Natural landscape
Fishermen boats at a seashore
Rest bench at a hill station
Winter landscape
Tourists at Manali
valleys of mountain
fog in the forest
Marry Christmas greetings card
A man in a tea garden
Foggy winter morning
Trees and mountains
Winter of a mountainous village
Sikkim mountains during morning
Snowy mountains
Snow around a house
A man during winter morning
Sky and snowy mountains
A winter morning
Vicks vapoRub pack
Winter morning
Winter Night
Ariel view of Leh
Winter evening
White snow
Fog on mountains