Fog in a jungle
Tourists in a dense jungle
Girl celebrating holi with colors
Pine trees forest
Dry woods
Eucalyptus trees in Kerala
Fire wood stack
A stack of woods
Huts in village
Wood stock in forest
Log pieces in the river.
Pine trees trunks
Kids posing on boat
Sunshine through trees
under the shadow of woods
Bonfire in Night
Pointy Bamboo Sticks
A dry tree
A village woman cutting woods with a blade
A village boy carrying woods
A man cutting woods
People carrying woods on bicycle
Cooking on wooden fire
Smoke and woods
A farm shade
a tree with nests
bird on twig of tree
A carpenter working on wooden pieces
A carpenter working on woods
A carpenter at work
Ice on wooden pieces
A woman carrying woods
A broken tree in a jungle
Man carrying woods on a Wheelbarrow
Lone guy in wilderness.
Starting a Bonfire
Natural Green forest
monkeys sitting on a tree
An abandoned cycle in woods
sunset view