A fisherman
A rickshaw puller man
A Pulled rickshaw
A tired worker
Load on a pulled rickshaw
A gardener cutting grass with a machine
A worker making a brick wall
Boy working in the tunnel
Girl working
Old man sleeping the rickshaw
A worker
A boy
Man spraying pesticide in a field
A village woman carrying fire woods
A stone carving artist
Safety shoes
Worker working
Worker working in sawmill
A construction worker
A worker
Paddy straw harvesting
Farmer working in field
Guy checking the pressure in tire
Workers working in farm
Farmer working in the field
Workers making a floral design on a roof
Workers working in a sugarcaen farm
Road Cleaner at Work
A man near wood logs
A working girl
A village man
A man cutting woods with axe
A construction worker
A farmer cleaning livestock's waste
Farmer at work
A metal worker
farmer working in the field
An old man pulling a cart
A farmer in a field
A boy carrying things on bicycle