Praying to god illustration
Devotees offering prayer to Goddess
Ramzan Illustration
Buddha statue
Temple view
Lord Krishna and cow illustration
Buddha statue
temple and temple bells
A sacred oil lamp
A woman during religious festival
Lord Shiv statue in the temple
Reflection of lord Shiva
A man with fire torches during a ritual prayer
Celebrating Indian festival on street
Pilgrims during Puja Kunitha in Bangalore
Trail toward hindu temple
Buddha statue back view
lord Shiva statue
Huge statue of Lord Shiva
God worship plate
Buddha statue
Buddha statue under cloudy sky
Decorated temple
god statue
Temple against the sky
People outside the temple
Hindu god worshipping
People visiting Adi yogi Lord Shiva Statue
Lord Shiva statue Coimbatore
Lord Shiva statue Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
A kid praying to god
Face of Buddha
Multiple Trident made of steel iron at Adi yogi statue
two boys praying in the temple
Sant outside temple
Decorated temple