A woman practicing Yoga
A child near a trolley
A dish in a plate
Cooked pasta in a plate
Housefly on a flower
An old palace at chorwad Beach in Gujarat
Girl going to school
Phone & Headphones
A landscape of Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctury.
Rocky shore.
Viewing Sea Scenery
Sevasi Vav (Step Well) in Vadodara
drops of rain on grass
Jain temple, Ratlam
Housewife in pain.
Pink Ixora flowers
Water Droplets on a feather
two gray langurs on a terrace
A dirty fan in a room
An Toy Train Ride at Sayagi Baug, Vadodara
Washed fruits in a basket
A spider on a flat surface
Turmeric in milk
A housefly sitting on railing
An evening at Taal Ratlam.
Sunrise at Gotri, Vadodara
Cat sitting in the garden.
A dead crab at sea shore.
Spider in a Laundry Brush