Stairs of an old temple
A hut on a riverbank
Hand gloves laying on floor
A firecracker sparkling
Place for work
The calm in the water
Garbage in the river
An old shop
A village kid
Beautiful monument in between mountains
A little girl
Door of a village house
A fisherman at riverbank
A lake under a mountain
A temporary shelter
A wooden shelter
A river
Star trailing
Boat at a river bank
boats on the river bank
Kharagpur Junction railway station
A fallen mask
A little girl
Boats near a lake
a boat on the shore
boats on the river bank
A tent house
An old man pulling a cart
Light trails
A parking place
Light trails
Light trailing
Idols of Hindu God
Lord Shiva statue
Little kids on a cart
Fallen White Flower
Beautiful Fort of Jaipur
A loaded auto truck
Fallen Flower