A butterfly on a flower
drop on a feather
close-up of honey bee
A dragonfly
Brown Butterfly Close-up
Moonlight Scenery
house fly
Signpost in German town
Way to the church.
Shikha Ride on Dal lake
City Palace, Jaipur
Dancing Fountains, Sharjah
A window at Amber Fort
Canals in Amsterdam
Bavarian Alps Mountain range
A window with a lot paintings
Lady bug on flower
Bug on a leaf
Rain drops on leaf
Black and white flower
Rain kissed sunflower
Dew on a leaf
Drop on a leaf
An insect under a leaf
Water Droplets on Grass
A fly on a leaf
raindrops on flower
Water drops on flower leaves
Moisture on a flowering plant
Fairy tales may not be true but castles are
Historical Castle like out of a Fairytale
Dal lake
A withered sunflower
Rain drops on a leaf
Light and shadows
Silhouette on Sunset
The london eye overlooking thames river