Night view of a city
Rural and Urban life composition
A camera
Boy Portrait
Perching Cuckoo
Cow Grazing
A men's watch
Wrist watch
Sanitizer Bottle
Hand Sanitizer
Ancient Sculptures of Konark Temple
Ancient Sculptures of Konark Temple
The Ancient Sculptures of Konark
Konark Sun Temple in Konark, India
Black Drongo sitting on electrical wire
Trees and pathway
Ancient temple
Sun temple
Bird in the Crop Field
Bird Flying in the Sky
Asian open-bill
A heron on the grass
A stork on a field
Two birds on a boundary wall
Brahminy Starling Calling its Pair
pied myna bird
Forest Gradient
Aim for the Fruit
The Baya – Weaver Family
Tea and Sugar
Sugar and Tea
Moving Clouds
Flying into the Sunset
Abandoned Machine
Black container
Flying to the Sunset
sketch in black and white
The Scorching Sun of Winter
Asian Openbill on the Waters Close-up