Step Cultivation on hills
Rice Seedling Transplanting
A mud wall
worker harvesting rice crop
Crack in the mud wall
Wooden logs stacked properly on the side of the road
Pointy Bamboo Sticks
Tea Plants
Farmer carrying seedlings
Farmer in the field
old farmer with harvest
Farmers at work
Apatani tribe woman
Passion fruits
organic farming
Carrying seedlings for transplanting
Sand at a river bank
An electronic instrument on a tree
Irrigation of fields
Nagaland Tribe man
Farmer Working in Field
Fire Wood
Farmers in the field
Benreu village in Nagaland
A pile of wood logs
Wood logs
A lady farmer in paddy field
farmer with seedlings
lion in the jungle
Blooming Red Rose
step farming
Reading a book
A Wasp Nest
Fishermen with fishing net
clove spice
black raisins
Raisins to eat