Beautiful portrait view of a lake
Pillar and roof of an old temple
A river portrait in forest
water stream
Champaner, Pavagadh
A pond
Water flowing through the pipe
A man looking through a window
A chandelier
Wall watch
Man watching in mirror
Portrait of village road
Inside view of palace
Lake landscape
A light structure
Polo monument in Gujarat
A walkway in Champaner, Pavagadh
Small plant in hand
Market view under clear sky
Sabarmati Riverfront in Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Champaner Pavagadh
Champaner Pavagadh
A boy in a building
Men dressing stones
Construction worker
A man at work
A stone dresser
Construction worker
Chavda Rakhal in Bhuj
Prag Mahal Palace in Bhuj
snow all around
Bricks wall construction by a worker
rocky path
Tree house
A house made of graphics
Nature Landscape