German Spitz pet dog
People in a park
Palm cactus plant
Old Rusted Stage Lights
Pond in a farmhouse
Mini Toy Bus
A royal poinciana flower
Trees Landscape
Heavy equipment on a parking lot
Mammillaria Plant
A flock of birds on a cloudy sky
Antique telephone
an empty restaurant table
black plate and silverware on a table
A path in dense greenery
Pile of big rocks in a park
Blooming red flower
Indoor plants
Miniature typewriter
workers on a construction sight
geometrical painting frame
Old staircase
Arch Trail of Plants
Ferocactus plant in preservation
a small bird on grass
neon lights Texts
Street Vendor near a Park
Abandoned Scooter at Mechanic’s Shop
Clean car parked on a dirty street
Chairs in a Pub
wall covered with green mould in a park
Agave Potatorum – Mexican cactus plant
chandelier reflection
Box office of an old single screen theater
Electricity tower on a cloudy background
mini statues of people climbing
Saguaro Cactus plant
Old Bike Parked
Cactus family plant