Indian food plates
Bengali sweet dish
Candles in a tray
An oil lamp
A roadside tea maker
sunset near the bridge
Horse grazing in filed
A tall building
howrah bridge and hoogly river view
A path along fields
A smartphone and holy Geeta
Green Paddy Field
Investment in share market
Social Media apps for time pass
Lake side sunset
Reflection of a sunset in a pond
Glimpse of Malaysia
Lake Side Evening
Elephant Toy
A woman standing next to a pond
Buddha Park, Bhutan
Tiger’s Nest Monastery
Mohun Bagan Football Club
Boat on the Side of a River
Invincible Daruma Feeling
Mt. Kanchenjunga
Kanchenjunga Falls
Batu Cave in Malaysia
Veggie toys for kids
Enlightened Buddha Statue
River bank
The Autumn is here
Bhutan Temples
A beautiful road of a hill station