Pillars near a road
Waste in pond
Beautiful decorative lights
Waste in pond
Waste in pond
Waste in water
Garbage near a river
Garbage near a water resource
Waste in lake
Trail toward hindu temple
Fisher man fishing in the river
Beach view
Isha Yoga center Coimbatore
A fisherman on a basket boat
Polluted river
Polluted river
Polluted river
Spider web
Waste in a lake water
Garbage dumped at a lake shore
A dirty water resource
A dirty water lake
Natural landscape
Polluted river near the buildings
Water pollution due to waste dumps and water plants
Waste lumped on the side of a lake
Green lemon plant
Spicy dahi vada in a plate
Sandwich in hand
Chocolate brownie with chocolate lava
Cooking noodles
Tea lovers' celebration
Holding tea cups
A farmer near his fields
Natural landscape
Greenery of a village
Road landscape
Natural landscape
Trees and plants in a garden