Red-crested pochard birds in a lake
Kynrem falls in Meghalaya
Parashuram kunda in Arunachal Pradesh
Asiatic Buffalo in a pond
Ariel view of Leh, snow clad mountain ,
Panimur Waterfalls in Assam
A fisherman with fishing net
Lunch on the table
Food in plate
Pelicans in lake
Bird in water
Heron in pond
wild flowers
valleys of mountains
flock of Birds flying in the sky
Water fall landscape
Step Cultivation among hills
Spider web on plant
Kaziranga national park
Cormorant sitting on a rock by sea side
Birds sitting on floor
Natural landscape
Natural landscape
Bird sitting on tree
Agriculture field
Birds in sky
Agriculture field
Lake during sunset
Landscape of tree in day
A tree damaged by termites
Nectar Close-up
Step fields of a hill
Pangong lake at Leh Ladakh
Barn swallow birds on a plant
A kid during picnic