Boats parked on the sea shore
A miniature of Mahabharat Arjuna's cart
An historic building
Airplane over Qutub Minar Monument
Sun rays through trees
foggy mountains
cloud scenery
Golden Sky
Sun light passing through a tree
Blooming Yellow Flower
An old door
Night view of buildings near a lake
Ganga river in Rishikesh
wonders of nature
Holy place Rishikesh
Ancient Stairs
birds flying at sunset
Street light
Blooming Red Flowers
Nature Landscape
Flowering plant
Greenery near a historic building
Flowering plant
Beautiful butterfly
Fading Pink Flower
Sun Rays
Blooming Succulents
A bunch of flowers
A Melanargia butterfly.
Scenic view
Birds flying around mountains
Beautiful Water Stream
Sunset in Haridwar
A city of mountains
Aerial view of a hill town