A temple
Parrots on a broken tree
A brown dove
A kingfisher on a twig
A bulbul bird on a wood
A grey langur
Ducks in a lake water
A garden lizard on a tree
A boy with face cover and a flower
A fisherman
A man sitting on a bike
A bulbul bird
A village temple
A bird sitting on tree branch
Kids Toy
Yellow flower in hand
A child selling things in a street
An old man
Handle and fuel tank of a bike
A coastal bird
Indian house sparrow
A sparrow
A boy's face painted with Holi colors
Bird sitting on the rock
An old man carrying a sacred flag
A white flower
A toy jeep
Bird sitting on wire
Birds reflection in the river
Old man in the farm
Portrait of beautiful
Black and white portrait of a kid
Clouds and a plant leaves
A temple on a hill
Darkness during sunset
Half face of a boy
Monkey with flower in the garden
Beautiful portrait of car in the greenery