Lord Ganesh Idols for Ganesh Chaturthi
Empty benches beside walkway
Sunbathing at Princes Gardens
Edinburgh Castle
Lighthouse on Sea
Edinburgh Skyline
Rainbow on Edinburgh
Toy vomiting gems
Forth Bridges Edinburgh
Buildings on a hill
Checking the creator
Spider on leaf
Sir Walter Scott
Pink Flamingo
Edinburgh Museum with garden
White Rhino grazing
A road painted with the words keep clear
Edinburgh Skyline
Calton Hill
Leith Shore
Street photo
The Balmoral
Ganesha twinning
Edinburgh College
A pair of architectural Horse
Antelope resting on the grass
A Path in the Forest
Couple walking on a sidewalk
Young giraffe in a park
Walk with a friend
Flowers in a vase
Bronze buddha
Double-decker bus
Mannequin Lady
Empty park tables
Transport for Edinburgh
Farmers Market
Forth Bridge