A boat floating along sea waves
A little girl
Girls during a group performance
Sunset over the Sea
A boy making horrific facial expressions
A herd of grazing sambar deer
Garden lizard clawing on a branch
Monkey behind the steel cage
A female monkey carrying her baby
Reptile crawling in the forest
Wild Pig in the forest
Nest of a bird on a branch
A happy couple
A happy Indian couple
farmer working in the field
Showing sun in hands
Girls during Holi festival
Man grazing Shepherd in the farm
Little girl on autorickshaw
Family posing in the park
A group of ladies sitting on bench in garden
Boats in the river
The Art Work of Bengal
Handicraft work
Boy pouring glass with water
Kids with creative facemask
Man bathing under the waterfall
Man looking at Waterfall
Artist sitting roadside
A little girl drinking from a bottle
A little boy posing
A bike at Ganga Sagar beach
Indian bride with her friend
An overloaded boat
accident on hilly road
A shop beside a road
Kid portrait