Tea and biscuits on tray
Holding a ceramic cup
Cup in hand
Tea cup with biscuits in tray
Pulling water from river with bucket
Pouring water on foot
A butterfly on leaves
Mother with her child
Couples posing on Royal Enfield bike
Couples on bike
Ring ceremony of a couple
An auspicious thread necklace in hand
A couple
Couple posing near the Sea
A butterfly on a plant
Wedding couple holding hands
A couple's hand
A dancing couple
A young couple sitting on a car bonnet
Engagement ceremony
A couple riding a bike
A boy proposing a girl
A couple's hands
Bride's hand
Bridal hair chain jewelry
A young couple
A mother holding her baby
mother with baby
mother and baby
Indian couple in a photoshoot
Photoshoot of couple sitting on a car
A romantic couple
A happy couple
Engagement ceremony
Ring ceremony of a couple
Mother with her child under open sky
Boy purposing to a girl on the road
A wedding couple showing their rings