Greater Noida Farms field
Sculpture in Ajanta Elora caves
Miniatures of helicopter and bikes
birds on a tree
People at Goa beach
Bamboo charcoal plant
Society portrait
People at Chowpatty beach in Mumbai
Gateway of India
Crows at a beach in Goa
Qutub Minar complex
A black dog on a beach
Karnataka Legislature Assembly
Government museum building in Bangalore
A butterfly
Snake on tree
Spider on spider web
Brown insect sitting on the ground
Huts in village
Girl fishing in the river
Girl in the river
Woman hiding her face
Women in the farm
Bike on Wood bridge
People enjoying at the beach
Bike on Bamboo bridge
A village man near a bamboo bridge
Angry cat in forest
Monkey sitting on the roof
Monument landscape
Macro view of butterfly
Turtle in water
Statue in forest
Injured snake
Wild fruit on tree
Interior of fort
Bangalore high court building
Garden in Bangalore
Statue in Bangalore