Mango tree
Splashing water from glass
Creative picture
Masks on the ring light
Shoes portrait
Sanitizing hands in ring light
Tram train in Kolkata
A garland shop
A Pulled rickshaw
Lightening behind a pole
Lightening around Howrah bridge
A book shop
Blur light effect
A city road during night
Load on a pulled rickshaw
People in a coffee cafe
Panning shot of vehicle
Panning Shot of a bike
Kolkata Streets
Victoria memorial
Victoria memorial Monument
Sunset through a river
A man near a statue of Lord Krishna
Kid celebrating Holi
Beautiful sunset near the ganga ghat
Passenger boat in Ganga river
An old building in a street
Carriage on a side of the road
Yellow taxi on a street
An old man in a street
A Sikh couple under a tree
A building under trees
Building at roadside
Mother with her child
Couple posing in the forest
Couple portrait
A couple in a garden
A village woman carrying fire woods
Historical monument