Temple under the trees
Dahlia flower
Divi’s Beach, Visakhapatnam
Boys at Divi’s Beach in Visakhapatnam
Mahabalipuram beach in Chennai
Kanyakumari Beach during sunset
Speed boat in the lake
Languor on concrete floor
Heritage Gate
Knob Billed Duck in the water
sunset at the lake
Alsigarh Reservoir
Gazania flowers
City palace
Duck in the water
Bird sitting on tree
Ducks in lake
Bahubali Hills in Udaipur
taj mahal monument
flying Grey Heron
Bird sitting on tree
Natural landscape
People at Char Minar in Hyderabad
beach view
A house in a village
Beach during sunset
Beach view
the beach and the shore
Rocks on Kovalam Beach
RK Beach at Visakhapatnam
butterfly on a flower
Great Eggfly Butterfly
a butterfly on wildflower
butterfly on a leaf
bird on a branch
Windchimes hanging