Canary Flycatcher
Pied kingfisher on a rock
A herd of storks
bengal bushlark bird
Changeable Hawk Eagle
Indian Roller
Indian Rhinoceros retreating after battle
A bird perched on an Indian Gaur
Angry Indian Gaur
Common woodshrike perched on a tree branch
Shama the Song Bird
The loner wild boar
Smabar Deer
Squirrel on a metallic rod
A kingfisher on a branch
Indian Pond Heron
Swamphen in its habitat
Indian Rhino
Indian Gaur in grassland
Western Yellow wagtail bird
White-rumped Shama
Indian peafowl in Jaldapara national park
Indian Rhino hanging out with Egrets
Siberian rubythroat
Tiger relaxing in the water