Female farmers working in a field
Farmers ploughing fields with oxen
A small cart
Dragonfly on soil
Butterfly on grass
Guava on the tree
Pineapple slices
Money plant in the plastic box
Farmer working on the ground
Farmer working in field
Clouds during evening
Shifting paddy from one place to another
A farmer cleaning animal's waste
Girl moving hay
A village man carrying waste on his head
A village man carrying waste basket
Gram plants and a farmer
Farmer at work
A village girl carrying dry crops
Wooden baskets
Happy farmers
Farmers lifting a machine
Farmers in the field
A man lifting rice plant bundles
Farmer at work
a farmer in a farm
Farmers cleaning the grains
Green chili
Birds' nest in a street light lamp
Farmers working on a machine
A lady farmer
farmer in the field
Farmers filtering their cereals
Farmer at work
A lady farmer working in field
A village girl lifting grass
A farmer with dry rice plants
farmer working in the field