A cat
Window reflection in a juice glass
Sony camera in low light
Pasta with tomato and green chilly
Camera lens in the rain
Cooked pasta in a plate
Pasta in the bowl
Pink rose flower
Portrait of a blond whisker
A pet cat
Rain drops falling on a camera lens
Monkeys on the tree in forest
Noodles presented in the capsicum
Egg noodles with boiled egg
Mango juice
Egg noodles
Ingredient in the Tea
Egg and noodles in capsicum
Miniature toy
Mother kissing her child
Child pampered by everyone
A river flowing through a jungle
Traffic during night
Lovely young couple enjoying on the beach
Indian wedding couple
Indian wedding couple posing on the beach
Couple posing near the railing
Indian wedding couple
A happy wedding couple
A romantic couple in darkness
A couple with kids
Mother with her child
Parents and baby's hands
Happy Family
Baby holding hand