Do you eat Food? Of course you do! Pardon the stupid question. But now your next food is going to get interesting, because you can click its picture and win prizes.

pixahive food photography contest

Photography Contest Guidelines

  • Original Submissions Only
  • Up to 5 Submissions per Participant
  • Phone & DSLR Both Allowed.
  • Do not take pictures of slaughter.
  • The Focus here is on Photography, and not the dishes.
  • Participation Fee – Rs. 0/- (Free)
  • Only PixaHive Users can participate – Free Sign Up if you are not a member yet.
  • For Any Queries, message Rohit on WhatsApp at 8284056576


  • Last Date of Submission – 31st Aug 2020, 6 PM
  • Results Declared on – 2nd Sep 2020


  • Winner – Rs. 5000
  • 2nd – Rs. 2500
  • 3rd – Rs. 1000
  • 4th to 10th – PixaHive Goodies delivered via Courier

Cash Prizes will be paid via Bank Account Transfers on 3rd Sep 2020

Goodies will be delivered in 2 – 3 Weeks.

Is this Competition Honest?

  • No Employees of PixaHive can participate.
  • No Friends and Family Members can participate.
  • All Participants will join a WhatsApp Group where all submissions & results will be publicly shared.
  • Screenshots of Prizes sent will be shared in the group as well.

PixaHive was founded to server photographers and motivate more people to get into this artistic field. We won’t do any unethical activies. #PinkySwear #MaaKasam

Competition Closed for new Entries.

Results will be out on 2nd Sep.