At we want users to have the best experience and find the best photos. Hence, we require all photographers to follow a set of guidelines while uploading images on our platform.

#1 – Upload your own images only – No Copyright Violations

Please upload only those images which you have taken yourself. Please do not upload photos by stealing them from some other photographer.

#2 – Technical Guidelines

  1. Do not add Borders or Frames ❌
  2. Do not add Timestamp ❌
  3. Do not add Watermarks ❌
  4. Do not Upload Rotated Images. ❌
  5. Do not add Vignette Effect. ❌

Image Resolution – All Images on PixaHive must be 8 MegaPixel or more. Images less than this will be auto rejected with the reason “Low Res”.

#3 – Over Editing

The one below is an over-edited image with watermark. Please avoid such images.

#4 – Duplicate or Similar Images

Two same photos from slightly different angles are also not allowed and may be unapproved at the time of submission or any later date.

Following Photos are all similar to each other. Only 1 photo will be approved.

Image should add quality and variety to your portfolio. It wouldn’t look nice on your profile if all your images are duplicate or similar.

#5 – Images with Poor Focus / Blurry Images

Adding Blurriness to an images can be a beautiful effect. But sometimes, blurriness is unwanted when the subject is not clear. Avoid images like the one below where background and subject both are blurred.

#6 – Hazy / Noisy Images

Hazy Images cause an unpleasant experience to the eyes. Make sure there is no noise in your images.

#7 – Unwanted Reflections

The focus is not clear in the image below and you can see the reflection of the flash in the glass.

#8 – Improper Lighting / Dull Images

The below image has been taken in Poor Lighting conditions, which makes it unappealing. Such images need to be edited to fix colors and brightness before uploading.

#9 – Too Many Distracting Objects & No Clear Subject

The image below has no clear subject and is ruined by the presence of too many tourists. Also, its not obvious, what the picture is about.

#10 – Asymetrical Images

When you have a well defined subject, it should be symmetrically placed in the photograph. The image below is asymetrical and has poor lighting.

#11 – Improper Alignment / Crooked

In Landscape images always make sure the horizon is perfectly horiztonal. Tilted images do not look nice.

#12 – Subject Not Clear

Whatever picture you take, it should have a subject. Even for landscape, nature or scenery pictures – the scenery itself is the subject. If you are taking a picture of a beautiful mountain and an unwanted person comes into the frame – then it would make the subject of the picture not clear and or partially hidden.

All pictures submitted to PixaHive must have a clear and well defined subject. Use the Title of the image to make sure our review team understands what the Image is about.

Lack or alignment or symmetry can also result in the subject not being clear.

#13 – Lack of Effort / Quality

At times, its not easy to specify an exact reason on why an image doesn’t look good or professional. Its often a combination of various reasons as listed above.

PixaHive reserves the right to unapprove such images. Here are a few examples of images we believe lack effort and quality.

#14 – Personal/Selfies/Low Quality Photoshoots

At PixaHive we are accepting only professional grade photoshoots images of models. Personal Photos or pictures your children or selfies or group photos (basically anything kind of photos which you upload on social media) will not be accepted, unless its of top quality. Certain but not all examples of such images include:

Even if such images are accepted into PixaHive, they might be marked as unpaid.

#15 – Illustrations vs Photos

Currently we are accepting images under 2 categories only.

  • Photos – Shot via Cameras
  • Illustrations – Drawn using Softwares like PS, AI, CDR, etc.

Illustrations can be things like

  • Wallpapers
  • Cartoons
  • Graphics
  • Patterns
  • 3d Designs
  • Architectural designs

But these are Not Allowed right now:

  • Memes
  • Troll Images
  • Quotes like Morning Quotes, Motivational Quotes, etc.
  • Logos, Fonts, Calligraphy, etc

Photography rules like Lack of Effort, Poor Quality, Low Resolution, etc still apply to all illustrations.

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