Ruins of an old railway station
A cabin in a jungle
Monuments of India
An old house
Destroyed houses
A destroyed house
Ruins of an destroyed church
Golkonda fort in Andhra Pradesh
An old palace
Abandoned House
Abandoned House
An abandoned mansion
Ruins of St. Augustine Tower
Ruins of Adina Mosque in West Bengal
Ruins of old indian temple
Abandoned boat
Man posing
Abandoned House
Empty benches beside walkway
Abandoned Machine
An abandoned fishing boat
Old vintage house
Stray dog portrait
Once a royal place of king now a deserted place
Abandoned Factory
Old bridge in the forest
Ruins of old architecture
Boy waiting at the bus stop
Abandoned Scooter at Mechanic’s Shop
A Broken wall
Chandigarh Buildings
Wrecked and Broken Window
Shipwreck in the Snow
Old Barren Apartment
Old rusted home and iron property
An old train buggy
An old van
Old abandoned railway station
A Rock Cabin in a Park
A damaged old building