Kid offering flower to Shiva
temple exterior
temple exterior
Glowing oil lamp
goddess laxmi idol
temple exterior
goddess durga statue
Goddess Durga idol
Love written with stickers
Love you written with stickers
Love me written with stickers
buddhist monastery
Goddess Durga idol
lord shiv statue
prayer wheels
A statue with many heads
A tall statue
A statue of lord Shiva
Om written on a stone
women praying at the temple
worship on the hilltop
A gurdwara in Pakistan
An idol of Hindu god
An idol of lord Buddha
A girl performing meditation
Shanti Stupa temple Delhi
temple, shiva
Jagannath Temple in Puri
Love written with scrabble
A Buddhist monastery
pillars at temple
hindu temple
al maghfirah mosque
Hindu Nagnath Temple
figurine in a concrete