Close-up of lizard in the garden
Dragon lizard peeking from behind the tree
Wall painting
Human eye
Human eye
Looking through a hole in a leaf
Eyes on leaf
River frog sitting on rock
Portrait of a small fly
dragonfly on a stem
A dragonfly on stem
Drop on eye
Small birds
Blue capped Rock Thrush
Micro eyeshoot
A small butterfly
A robberfly on a leaf
A cow and cattle egret
birds sitting in a park
A stray dog
A coastal bird
Bird over the vessel
Pond heron on a branch
cormorant bird
A bird cleaning his nest
Sun bird
Head of a monitor lizard
bird sitting in a branch
King Fisher sitting on a branch of a tree
green bird
Butterfly on flower
ducks near a lake
Mating of common housefly
Indian roller bird
Swan goose