A smartphone
Ceramic tea cups
A cup
A phone fallen on dry leaves
A broken artificial flower
A fallen green orange
A fallen orange
Holding an old leaf
A wrist watch fall on grass
Dry leaves of a plant
Foliage on a walkway
Fallen leaves of a plant
Dry leaves
A yellow leaf
A bird's feather fallen in grass
Fallen leaves
Dandelion plant
Dead leaves in water
Leaves of a plant
A clay cup in water
Frangipani flower
Fallen leaves
A fallen fruit
Fallen leaves on a road
A dead leaf
A fallen mask
Fallen feather of a bird
A fallen razor blade
A colorful leaf
Fallen leaves
Fallen fruit of a plant
A fallen tree trunk
fallen fruits
Fallen leaves on grass
Trees uprooted due to storm
Spinach fruit on ground
A fallen flower
Trees fallen on road
tree fallen on a car
Kids near a fallen tree