Metallic joint
Nut Bolt
A screw
A ring spanner
A tool kit
Drill machine driver
Tight nut and bolts
A small screw
Allen Keys
An allen key
A plastic hammer
A ring
A screw
Hardware items
A washer ring
Mechanical tools
A screw
Open jaw spanner and ring spanner
A drum spanner
Threaded screws
Axial nut sockets in a box
A punching machine
Mechanical tools
A mechanical tool box
Electrical tools
Rusted bolts
A set of spanners
Wrench tool
A socket spanner
Tools of a construction worker
Screws and tools
Tools of a plumber
A carpenter's tools
Screws for metallic and wooden work
Tools of a mechanic
Cast Iron vice
An iron nail
Chisel and hammer
A tong plier
Hammer and screws