A frozen lake
A frozen lake
Snow trapped in rocky hills
A lemon juice glass
Frozen wild flower
Frozen leaf
Ice on grass
Snow on the tree
Eurasian Moorhen in frozen Dal lake
Kedarnath Trek
Snowy mountains of Himalaya
Ariel view of Leh
beauty of snowfall
A juicy ice bar
Snow cover in a hill station
Snowfall on trees
Colourful ice cubes in a glass
ornage juice and coffee beans
Ice on wooden pieces
snow on a tree
Ice on plants
Street Food Vendor
Snowfall on the road
A glass of beer and ice
Mt. Titlis, Switzerland.
Tshangu Lake
Snow capped mountain ranges.
A ship in Antarctica
Snow on mountains
Russian Winter
Snowy Winter Panorama
Melting ice cubes
Snow on the hill
Snow-capped mountains and trees
Icebergs in the Arctic Ocean