Bird sitting on tree
Kingfisher sitting on a wire
Kingfisher on cable
Woodpecker sitting on a coconut tree
Sparrow sitting on the wood
Beautiful Peacock
Flying Sunbird
Indian Pond Heron
Himalayan Black lored Tit Close-up
Indian Black Kite
Tiny Dove in Rain
Indian Pond Heron
Perching Brown rock chat
Perching Peacock
Perching Sparrow
Indian Pond Heron
Pigeon Close-up
Pigeon Close-up
Finch Close-up
White Pigeon Close-up
Perching Sunbird
Perching Pigeon
Perching Baya Weaver
Bird Sitting on Wire
Perching Cormorant
Perching Cuckoo
Perching Sparrow
Indian Paradise Flycatcher
Bulbul Close-up
Beautiful Green Parrot
Oriental magpie robin
sparrow holding on to a wire
Great Egret at Sultanpur National Park
Preying Cormorant
Pied Kingfisher
Green Parrots
Perching finch
Flight of Pigeon