Peas legume
A fruit plant
Green tomatoes on a plant
A growing tomato
A tomato plant
A tomato plant
A custard apple hanging
Mustard plant flower
Joker and guy on the beach
A ladyfinger
A green fruit
Leaves and fruit of a plant
Legumes of a plant
Olive plant fruits
A brinjal plant
Guava fruits hanging on a tree
Guava fruit hanging on its tree
A fruit tree
A fruit tree
Jujube fruit plant
Garlic bulbs
Green lemon on its tree
A bunch of wild fruits
Pigeon pea plant
Seeds on a plate
Green tomatoes
A custard apple on its tree
Sugar apple fruit
Dew drop on crop leaf
water drops on leaf
A dry sugar Apple
Manilkara hexandra's berries
A fruit tree
Sapodilla on its plant
Shiv Ling with flowers
A Cucumber
Soybean Seeds
Green papdi beans
A fruit plant
An air potato