Peaches hanging on a tree
Berries of a plant
Green mangoes
Peach fruit
Fruits of Phyllanthus acidus
A custard apple
Wild fruits of a plant
A falling fruit
Cumin seeds
yellow fruit of a plant
Banyan tree fruit
A growing peach
French cut green beans
A red tomato
Green tomatoes plant
A chickpea plant
Wild berries
A green corn cob in hand
Hanging green mangoes
Peas and a paste in bowl
A fallen orange
Green lemon plant
A red and yellow flower
Custard apple plant
A green mango
Natural landscape
Gooseberries on a plant
A jackfruit tree
Cucumbers in a basket
Fresh brinjal
Plucking, edible leaves of a plant
sunrise in the sky
A waterfall
A pile of jujube berries
Water flowing through rocks and stones
Big stones in a river
Orange slices
Fresh orange
Fresh vegetable
Peas legume