Mountain and pine tree branches
Bashleo pass in Himachal
A bird
White Spiky Micro Mite
White Plumeria flowers
An artificial waterfall in a park
Evening over a mountain range
Coffee flower
Common tailorbird
A snail on a branch
Trees around a house
Maize plants in a field
sunset near a garden
Branches of a trees
Gazania flower
Flower and sunset
A parrot on a tree
An insect on a green plant
The Indian Gaint Squirrel on a tree
A robberfly on a leaf
Agriculture field
A night
Vine plant on a tree
Flowering plant
Natural landscape
Sky view
Bird in water
Birds playing with mirror
Purple Sunbird on a green plant
Paragliding over snowy dhauladhar mountains
Textured tree bark
boat riding in a river
Sunset through a town
bird flying at the time of sunset
Flower in a garden
A cow and cattle egret