Old monument building
Heritage building
Old & New building
Dome of an old building
Arch of an old fort
Prag Mahal Palace in Bhuj
Hall of an old building
Ruins of an old building
A destroyed church
Wall of a historic building
A building in Nainital
People at a palace
Cars parked on street road
An old building in Kolkata
An old library
An old building
A tourist passing through a historic place
An arch of an old building
An ancient place in Chennai
An old and destroyed church
an old wooden gate
An abandoned mansion
Karnataka Assembly Building
Albert Hall Museum in Jaipur
Roomi Darwaza in Old Lucknow
Monochromatic Old Building
Safdarjung Tomb in New Delhi
Basilica of Bom Jesus in Goa
Lucknow Charbagh railway station building
Taj Hotel
Painters painting a ceiling
Old buildings
Old building at Chandigarh
Railway Vintage House
City Shopping Complex
An Old Cottage in the Mountains