Lord Buddha statue
Buddha statue
A statue of Buddha
A cross
A woman during religious festival
Beautiful Lord Shiva statue under blue sky
People during a religious festival
Christian cross
Ewer with a holy water on a religious event
Temple and statue
People visiting Adi yogi Lord Shiva Statue
Lord Shiva statue Coimbatore
Lord Shiva statue Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
Face of Buddha
Lord Krishna Statue
Buddha statue back view
Buddha statue
Holy Statue in Mountains
Jama masjid Delhi
Church night view
Buddha statue
Omkar Symbol
Golden khanda
People gathered for a religious event
Ganesha on a red cloth
An oil lamp in river
A Muslim boy
Buddha idol
Holy basil pot in courtyard
A statue of Buddha
statue of Buddha
A Dargah
A church
An idol of Goddess Kali
earthen oil diyas
Dome Structured Dargah
Historical Hindu Temple
Buddha Worship
Young Buddhist Monk