An Indian bride
A happy bride
An Indian bridegroom
A sacred oil lamp
Wedding photo shoot of a bride
Woman portrait
Woman portrait
Woman portrait
Holi fire ritual
An old man carrying a sacred flag
A warrior
A woman during religious festival
People during a religious festival
A man with fire torches during a ritual prayer
Pilgrims during Puja Kunitha in Bangalore
A man holding a fire torch
A holding fire torches
Portrait of a kathakali artist getting ready
People during Shivratri celebration
God worship plate
An auspicious thread necklace in hand
A ritual in Hindu marriage
Couple's hand during wedding
An Indian bridegroom
Indian wedding couple
Indian wedding couple
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Ring ceremony of a couple
Couple portrait
A wedding couple's hands
Indian wedding couple
Indian wedding couple's hand
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An Indian bride
A ring ceremony
Hindu wedding game
Yakshagana stage and the artists
Hindu god worshipping